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[WWE][ROM] ★ ☆ ★ 23-Apr ● DeepShining 29019 | 21916 ● Rhod 2.10 Sense 2.5.2021 ★ ☆ ★

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By dotcompt, Retired Recognized Developer on 15th October 2009, 09:49 AM
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Please make sure to read the FAQ and TIPS & TRICKS
Additional Cabs at second post

1. Task29 > 2. Flash S2 HTC Europe Stock ROM > 3. Flash Deepshining ROM > 4. Hard Reset > 5. Setup personnal configurations > 6. Soft Reset.
This will prevent frozen issues, crashes, battery drain and others well known bugs.


Titanium - No manila present, only the latest Winmo build + HTC Apps
Sense - With the latest WM Build + Manila 2.5 + Extra Tabs
Touchstone - Near standard Stock Rom With the latest WM Build + Manila 2.5 - "Stripped" Rom
Co0kie - CHT Mod + .Sincity Theme + Manila 2.5 and WM latest build

★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★




23-Apr-2011: DeepShining 29019.Sense details:
. WinMo 29019.
. Fixed Home Tab Quicklinks
. HTC Peep Security update (Twitter fixed).
. New deepshining ROM theme (wallpapers, ActionScreen and Lockscreen).
. Commanager Classic icons.
. Some shortcuts fixed (Total Commander and Lockdevice)

20-Apr-2011: DeepShining 29019.Touchstone details:
. WinMo 29019.
. Fixed Home Tab Quicklinks
. HTC Peep Security update (Twitter fixed).
. New deepshining ROM theme (wallpapers, ActionScreen and Lockscreen).
. Commanager Classic icons.
. Some shortcuts fixed (Total Commander and Lockdevice)

19-Apr-2011: DeepShining 29018.Touchstone details:- REMOVED from server
. WinMo 29018.
. HTC Peep Security update (Twitter fixed).
. New deepshining ROM theme (wallpapers, ActionScreen and Lockscreen).
. Commanager Classic icons.
. Some shortcuts fixed (Total Commander and Lockdevice)

2-Apr-2011: DeepShining X14.28245.Touchstone & Sense & CHT details:
. WinMo 28245.
. New drivers from RHOD 2.10. (tentative to fix SOD that some users reported).
. HTC Peep Security update (twitter).
. Youtube sound fixed and a BIG thanks to WildChild.
. Tentative to fix the Chinese display support.
. Fixed some missing features in Total Commander.
. New Power Management tweaks to extend battery life even further.
. Improved perfomance.
. HTC Packages updated.
. Removed .Sincity Theme (for now) from the Co0kie ROM.

8-Mar-2011: DeepShining X13.29008.Touchstone & Sense details:
. WinMo 6.5.3 29008
. Manila 2.5.2021
. HTC Packages updated

No HTC Messaging Client, to install it, flash the Rom first, download and install HTC Messaging Cab from my second post and soft reset.


# Mirror for my Roms thanks to f1ip
# Another Mirror thanks to mikeaffec


Q: I am a newb, what do I need to do to getting started flashing Roms?
A: You need to read with patience this thread.

Q: I am newbie, where can i find a stock rom?
A: Here is your Answer.

Q: I can not download from, where can a find a mirror?
A: You can find a mirror for all my Roms here thanks to F1ip.

Q: What are the differences between 218** and 235** Roms?
A: 218** are the old Com 2 builds with the start menu on top and 235** are the new Com 5 builds with start menu on bottom.

Q: This ROM is in English, where can I find my native Language for Manila 2.5 Sense?
A: Do not recommend changing Manila language there are severall side effects like loosing notifications.

Q: Radio is suggested by the chef, can I use I different Radio version?
A: Yes you can, but if you feel that the Rom is not working properly or BATTERY DRAINS FASTER change to the advised radio.

T-Mobile MMS Settings Fix & Size Increase - thanks to terryYew

Q: AT&T users with data connections issues...How to solve this?
A: Please read this post from b24zero.

Q: I have no ringtone and youtube videos cannot be there a fix for it?
A: Dont install Opera 10, if you did, remove it.

Q: Blacklight issues, my device goes in suspend mode every 6 there a fix for it?
A: Solution here.

Q: How to disable the LockScreen
A: Solution here

Q: Garmin users Ram issues, why Garmin doesn΄t run?
A: Use Total Commander and change the follow registry entry like this:

Q: There is a new WM6.5 build, can we have it...can we have it?
A: Don΄t rush the chef he may be busy. Also a new build does not mean that is better.

Q: I need "this" and "that" and "these" and "those" not in this FAQ, where can I find it?
A: First use the Search this Thread tool and if you can not find it than ask for it on this thread

Q: My wife is wasting all my money and I love this Rom so much that I wanna to give away some bucks, how can I make my contribuition?
A: Click here



Keyboard Config | T-Mobile MMS Settings Fix & Size Increase | French Azerty Cab | T-MOBILE KEYB ALT FIX + VOICEMAIL + MY ACCOUNT | WiFi No StandBy | Speaker issues | Blacklight 6 secs issue | MMS size increase | How to Disable WM6.5 Smartlock | Notifications Settings | Set Left Softkey to Phone | Edit ActionScreen "Navigation" to your favourite navigator | AT&T users Network/MMS Settings | Power button to ActionScreen | SMS from People Tab | TaskBar Volume Fix | ADD xT9 Languages | Start Menu - 3/4/5/6 Items Wide | Volume ring fix with VoiceCommand | About SOD | Left softkey to Lockscreen | Voice Command low ring fix | Complete font substitution | Keyboard Fixes NEW


& Tricks

How to improve battery life
  1. If you do not use 3G, goto Start\Settings\Personnal\Phone click on the Band tab an change your network type to "GSM".
  2. Make sure that on Wi-Fi Settings the Power Save Mode is set to "Best Battery"

How to FREE some RAM and boost Manila Speed
  1. Make sure that there are no apps running in background:
    Start > TaskMgr and end task for everything. Sometimes Commanger and activeSync do not close properply.
  2. Run cleanRam once in a while.
  3. Stop MyPhone service:
    Start > Internet > Microsoft MyPhone, and stop service in MyPhone Settings. You can start service again when you wish to sync your data.
  4. Disable smartlock and save 2/3 Mb:
    Start > Settings > System > Smartlock and untick everything.
  5. Dont use Weather & Animated wallpapers, instead use animated wallpaper and choose a static one:
    Home Tab > Menu > Home Wallpaper > Animated Wallpaper > Albums > MyDevice > My Wallpapers and pick one of those listed.
  6. Avoid 16/20 or 25 Quick links in Home Tab, the more quicklinks you have there the less speed you'll have too.
  7. Do not install Opera 10 Betas and HTC Messaging Client.
  8. Make sure to disconnect WI-Fi when you do not need it.
  9. Disable Manila Tabs you do not use or care about: Settings Tab > Personalize > Home screen Tabs > and untick Tabs you do not want (ie: Documents and Footprints Tab reduce system Mem and Speed)
  10. Stop services of those Manila Tabs you just Disable: Open Total Commander > Registry > HKLM > Software > HTC > Manila > HTCService > And then rename the files. For example, I have disable Documents Tab and Footprints Tab so I will rename the DocIndexerService.dll to DocIndexerServiceXXX.dll and the FootprintsService.dll to FootprintsServiceXXX.dll.
  11. Disable press and vibrate > Settings Tab > Other > Touch Options > Untick " Vibrate the device..."

================================================== =

DeepShining X12 roadmap - whats next:

================================================== =

Thanks to:
Airxtreme for Oskitchen Zero
xkaiser for DeepShining icons
Wild Child for the Youtube fix.
MikeAffec for the Mirror
CookieMonster for Cookies hometab.
OliNex for Hard-SPL Unlocker for Rhodium
ace10134 for the fixs and reviews at The Wingster


27-12 - 15€
06/11 - 20€
24/10 - 10€
22/10 - 5€
20/10 - 15€
15/09 - 25€
14/09 - 20€
11/09 - 10€
10/09 - 10€
08/09 - 10€
04/08 - 13€
14/08 - 10€
25/07 - 50€
23/07 - 4€
19/07 - 20€

Lost track of other previous donations

If you like my work and want to show your appreciation for my efforts...
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15th October 2009, 10:18 AM |#2  
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additional Cabs
Additional Cabs & ServicePacks :

- T-Mobile My Account

- AT&T compilation cab thanks to rightjb

- Steve 007 - Taskbar 4 Colors Windows 6.5.x

- Brians Windows 6.5 Taskbar

- Microsoft Voice Command 1.6.23562 - Warning: It may low ring volume.

- Old Black ActionScreen - NEW

- CleanRAM - NEW

- HTC Messaging Client 2019.2421 - NEW

- Keyboard Fixes - Thanks to thewingster - NEW

- T-Mobile MMS Fix thanks to thewingster - NEW



Dark Ninja Taskbar -

News Reader:
YomoMedia -

Manila Birthday -

F1 Pocket 2010 -
TeamStats -

CHT Home Tab - Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod for HTC Sense 2.5
HomeScreenJump -
Last edited by dotcompt; 9th October 2010 at 09:40 PM. Reason: updated cabs
15th October 2009, 11:35 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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Kool ur making Rhodium Roms! i often had ur roms on my Diamond..
gonna try it 2nite!
15th October 2009, 02:32 PM |#4  
Ut0p1a's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 43
Very nice..will download and give it a spin.
15th October 2009, 03:17 PM |#5  
what150's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
OK I'll give it a shot... Any known bugs?
15th October 2009, 05:08 PM |#6  
what150's Avatar
Senior Member
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Hey mate

I already flashed and I must say that I got good feeling about this ROM,

most of the things that didn't work in other ROMs work well in this one

like YouTube, video in album, excel.... BUT

The icons in the start menu is not very sharp's a bit blur and feel out of date.

Moreover many icon in start menu are duplicated such as e-mail got 3 e-mail

icons in there


It's a bit laggy in the album tab.

(I already HR once after flashed.)

Hope you'll consider to romove & polished some of the icons in start menu.

All the best.

Cheers : )
15th October 2009, 05:15 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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So falta em Portugues. Faz la esse jeitinho
15th October 2009, 10:27 PM |#8  
guntcent's Avatar
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hey for the collections tips and tweaks can you make it into a cab too much input man please
16th October 2009, 09:52 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by guntcent

hey for the collections tips and tweaks can you make it into a cab too much input man please

Hi guntcent,

There are some guys that do not want to apply some tweaks and others do, thats why I did not make a general cab file.

Anyway I need to double check some tweaks because this list was made for the HTC Diamond users and for a different Rom.

Take care
16th October 2009, 10:04 AM |#10  
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sorry double post
Last edited by dotcompt; 16th October 2009 at 05:17 PM.
16th October 2009, 10:51 AM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 0
dotcompt here!? @ the Rhodium section?!

Man, if you make Rhodium Roms like you did for the HTC Diamond I will be a very happy man.

I will give it a try wright now.

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