Prompt HellyBean 4.3 bootloop: need help analyzing logcat for culprit

I'm running HB3_Franzy 12 RC the final with devil kernel and have been for a while now. Yesterday, for some unknown reason, my phone suddenly decided to reboot. Now it hangs at the bootanimation.

I was able to posthumously enable adb debugging (see my previous thread for details). I could do a clean install and start again, possibly rescuing some data from the nandroid by buying Titanium Pro (as far as I understood Titanium's playstore page, this would be a paid feaature) or via nandroid manager (as suggested by darkztar1)...
But I would much prefer to find the root of the problem and repair it...
Thus, I humbly ask the more experienced members to help me understand the log and seperate fatal from harmless errors

Just the errors:
--------- beginning of /dev/log/system

E/UserManagerService( 622): Unable to read user list

W/PackageManager( 622): No start tag found in package manager settings
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): Error reporting WTF
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at android.util.Log$1.onTerribleFailure(
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at va:1624)
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at<init> (
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 622): at ava:277)

--------- beginning of /dev/log/main

E/WVMExtractor( 352): Failed to open

E/EventHub( 622): could not get driver version for /dev/input/mice, Not a typewriter
E/cutils-trace( 352): Error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)

D/ConnectivityService( 622): ConnectivityService starting up
D/ConnectivityService( 622): wifiOnly=false
E/ConnectivityService( 622): Ignoring protectedNetwork 10
E/ConnectivityService( 622): Ignoring protectedNetwork 11
E/ConnectivityService( 622): Ignoring protectedNetwork 12

E/MobileDataStateTracker( 622): default: Ignoring feature request because could not acquire PhoneService
E/MobileDataStateTracker( 622): default: Could not enable APN type "default"

E/WifiConfigStore( 622): Error parsing /data/misc/wifi/ipconfig.txt: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

complete log at pastebin (expires in one month):

Thanks in advance