Default [GUIDE] How To S-OFF, Unlock, Install Custom Recovery-ALL IN ONE!! HTC EVO 3D (CDMA)

After hours of mess ups I've finally created a COMPLETE (extremely detailed) video (guide) on how to To S-OFF, Unlock, Install Custom Recovery for the HTC EVO 3D (CDMA). There are 4 different parts. The first 2 parts are for the users that have already unlocked boot loader, installed recovery and a ROM. If this is your first time doing any of this to your stock HTC evo 3d (CDMA) then you can skip to part 3. In each video there will be a link in the description for the next part. I hope this works for everyone that watches it and please like, sub. And pass it on to others who need help with this! Thanks again to everyone who has helped me s-off my phone and do all i have done to it today! I LOVE XDA!! Please let me know of anything you don't understand or any problem you run in to (if you do).

Also, the videos might seem long I just want to assure that your HTC EVO 3D is s-off, unlocked, and recovery installed. Please watch all 4 parts and your phone will be all of this!

I am using windows and only know how to do this for (WINDOWS).

Link to part 1 [GUIDE]:

Please keep this thread Alive as long as possible! Thanks!

I will try this week to look over all of the videos again and create a text [GUIDE] as well.

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