Thumbs up Just got the S4... some questions


I just got the S4 (SCH-I545 - Verizon) and so far I love it. I do seem to have a small issue with wifi were it will not connect until I turn wifi off and back on again. This happens in multiple location so its not like its just my home router. But its not all the time, some times it will connect automatically like it should.

Also I read a lot how people never use the air gestures after the first week. I have had it for about a week and I am starting to see why but personally holding your hand over the phone for a second to see the info screen never gets old and seems to be one of the best features I have ever seen! Its very useful and makes you feel like a jedi! I love the hand move to go through your pics in the gallery. I think the biggest problem with air-gesture is not enough other apps support it so its hard to get in the habit of using it.

What other cool things should I check out? I did the face recognition but when I figured out I could unlock my phone with the picture on my work badge I stopped using it. I know you can turn on the blink thing but it just seems kind of lame.

From a Droid 1 to a Thunderbolt to a Razr Maxx to my new Samsung Galaxy S4 (I545).