Default [Q] Display problems

I bought two separate Droid Bionic phones new via a vendor on, and fulfilled by, Amazon and it had some display problems. I noticed it in the stock rom, recovery and cyanogenmod. The second had the same problems in the stock room. Both have been returned. Verizon checked that the first phone was clean. I did not bother checking the second. (I had both phones at the same time, so they couldn't have sent me the same phone twice.)

There were two issues. First, there was a faint large rounded rectangle of a slight dimness that was very visible with certain content (some black screens like settings) and hard to see, but definitely still there, with other content (netflix, when sliding the home screen and its background). It did not change between landscape and portrait. This was about half the width (short-side) and three quarters of the height (long side).

The second issue was that in some screens, you could see lines of pixels of slightly varying color. For example, a black screen would have lines of slight color in bands. This was most noticeable in the settings and would rotate with the screen to remain on the bottom of the screen.

Should I try a third from another seller? Or is this a matter of you-get-what-you-pay-for and I should go look for something else?