Default where to get a T989 Motherboard.

hey peeps would anyone know where to get a t-mobile samsung galaxy s2 t989 motherboard? i need 2 of them i own 3 right now which 2 have bad motherboards (hard bricked one and a Ruben cable on the other one is bent and the display with start black then green red and blue dots will appear on the screen and eventually turns from all green to white.) would love to not spend a fortune one these things, im a little sketchy on buying them off ebay, i might just end up buying one with a broken display or digitizer and doing something from there.
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Samsung Galaxy S4
Rom: Stock (4.2.2)

Rom: Cyanogemod 10.1.3 (4.2.2)
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Rom: Stock (4.4.2) Broken Digitizer, any recommendations on amazon?
Rom: Stock