Default |GUIDE| PC Does Not Recognize Note 2

If you get the errors that state that your phone is not recognizable or the drivers on your new PC is
A. Cannot be found
B. Any other message that doesnt state "Your Device Is Ready To Be Used"

Then follow this guide
1. This is really simple and easy, CHANGE THE CABLE. Maybe the cable you are using cannot transfer data correctly or its just broken or it just doesn't like you.
2. Some have reported that using a USB 3.0 port on the PC in question may not work correctly. Try using a USB 2.0 port instead if possible.
3. Now this is what works the best if you use custom cooked roms.
-Launch the phone key pad on your note and press *#7284# (don’t forget to start with that * symbol!)

-When you press the last pound sign (#) this will bring up an option that will allow you to change your USB connection settings (modem or PDA) – change it to PDA.

-At the bottom there is a button that says Qualcomm USB. Click on it.

-In that menu click on MTP + ADB option.

-Save and reset.

-Wait for your phone to restart.

-Plug the micro USB cable to the Note 2 and the the other end to your PC or Mac

-Let your computer down load and install drivers.

-Once installing is done, unplug then replug phone.

-There should be a USB symbol on your phone in the status bar - click on it. It should ask if you wsnd to use mtp or ptp. Click MTP

-At this point your PC should open the phone’s folders in explorer similar to the screenshot above.

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i do not take credit finding all of this by my own, i used google.