Default [Q] Xposed app_process

Hey guys, love this site!

I am so glad you guys finally got xposed working for 4.4, it's awesome.
I installed a new 4.4 rom on my phone the other day (Cm11.) and now when I try to do the xposed framework, the app_process keeps resetting.
It'll show "mounting /system writable....
Backup of app_process
executable exists already at /
Copying app_process....
cp: can't create '/system/bin/
app+process': File exists

So when I restart the phone, the app_process goes red again and says it all over again.

Any ideas to what this is? I know I have the correct xposed 2.3 beta installed. and I flashed the xposed zip file in recovery

Oh yeah, I have a htc one running cm11, version 11-20131124-UNOFFICIAL-m7