Default Install Isis on GPe Edition?

I'm trying to install Isis Mobile Wallet on my HTC One that is converted to the GPe edition. In the play store, it is listed as incompatible, so I extracted the apk from an AT&T version, and when I try to install the APK, I get "App not installed"

What is going on here?

*In case you are wondering why I'm trying to install Isis, it's because my Serve card still has a free $13 on it. Haha
Current Phone:
[Device] - HTC One
[ROM] - ARHD 30.0
[Kernel] - Stock ARHD 30.0 kernel
[Recovery] - TWRP

Previous Phones:
LG Optimus G - Broke, got HTC One from Insurance claim
Apple iPhone 4S - Given Away
Apple iPhone 3GS - Broke, got iPhone 4S from insurance claim