Default Is Sync Manager fixed?

Hi Folks,
I fell into the trap of allowing the Sync Manager update some months back, and paid the price by having my Microsoft Outlook data shredded.
Fortunately I had a back, up but even so it took a whole weekend to sort out the corruption, (in fact I am still finding corrupted data entries now and again).
About a week ago the Sync Manager driver on the PC did an update, I could not stop it and I have tried system restore to reverse it, but it just re-installs as soon as Sync Manager starts.
I am using version, it's the original version that HTC sent when they realised the update was broken and corrupts data.
When I connect the phone now Sync manager starts up but does not see the phone.
Having contacted HTC support I got the perfunctory, 'update the software' reply.
As far as I am aware HTC have issued no news that the problems with Sync Manager have been fixed.
I do not wish to risk the corruption of data again and I wonder if anyone has information that the latest update is safe?
Regards to all