Default [REQUEST] Vehicle Install Features

I bought a 2013 N7 with the intention of installing it in a vehicle. I saw Timur's USB-ROM and was going to use that until I realized that he's not going to support the 2013 (please correct me if I'm wrong). I'd like to see if a ROM developer would be interested in integrating some of the features into their software. It looks to me like Elemental has a good thing going with their kernel, enabling fastcharge and OTG + charging so I was thinking of using that, but some things I would like to see in a ROM:

Sleep/wake on power state (key on/off - power would be hardwired)
External mic enabled (for BT call handling through TabletTalk)
USB Audio (for DAC)
Fixed landscape UI (can't lock landscape with 4.4 KRT16S)
Phone as USB modem

Thanks to anyone willing to take this on!