Default Anybody know how to fix this??

okay so in the beginning battery life looked like this. completely stock with all my programs... (1.jpg)
then when I used titanium backup, I looked up some of the programs that made up android system and went in and froze a couple, and got this...(2.jpg)
and now I discovered greenify and xposed framework. This time I did quite a bit more and for some reason im getting some weird stats in the battery tab. In the screenshot it says it had been on for 2 hours when in reality it had been 9 hours, and my on screen time says 9 minutes. So clearly wrong... plus android isn't that power hungry. lol. (3.jpg)
Anybody know what program may cause this? Im actually still getting good battery life from what I can tell as the other day I went all day (15 hours) on 19% with about 3.75 hours of on screen time on my zerolemon 7500 exten. batt.
Anybody wanna chime in??
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