Default So what's the deal with notifications and headsets?

I like to wear headsets to listen music, who doesn't!
Also recently I bought a Bluetooth headset.

But whatever I do I can not get the damn thing to play notification sound through the headsets all the time.
Sometimes it will ring in my ears, sometimes (which is most of the time) it will just ring through the speaker like nothing.
Which is stupid as I can not hear it cause I'm wearing the headset and people look funny at you cause your phone rings and you just sit there and listen to music.

Am I doing it wrong or is this just a bug?
I have it in 2.6, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4

For example:
Whatsapp seems never to ring through the headset.
XMS although does from time to time.
And an app called "Timer Loop" does it all the time.
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