Default [Q] Phone forgets proper location after reboot

I have an LG optimus G Pro rooted and flashed with a debloated stock ROM. However google maps always shows 30 feet away from my actual location ALL THE TIME. To fix this..I have to run GPS status and do the reset / download GPS state crap. every. single. reboot. And that's when i'm using on my wifi. When i'm using 4G (when I actually NEED the location features) it takes absolutely forever to get a fix. and I have to do this every time I reboot. it's ridiculous. I've always had this problem with all my rooted and flashed phones from my HTC thunderbolt, Rezound, Galaxy S3 and now my LG Optimus G Pro.

I know "improper location" is a well known sacrifice to flashing a custom ROM but..Is there ANY way to get a proper location fix and KEEP it? any flashable file in CWM or something? something that would keep my fix? Sometimes using this GPS status crap process takes 20 minutes to get a location fix sometimes. Thanks.