Default [App][3.0+]AntiSnoop. Catch those who snoop on your phone

Ever had someone snoop on your phone and wonder what they looked at? AntiSnoop is for those of you who have inquisitive children, sneaky friends and insecure partners. Use AntiSnoop to track all applications that are opened, when they are opened/closed and for how long they are used.

If you know you left your phone unattended and you had AntiSnoop on, you'd be able to look through the logs and see each and every application that was opened while you left your phone unattended. If you notice there are some logs when you know that you weren't using your phone, chances are someone snooped.

If you just want to try it out, try out AntiSnoop free.

AntiSnoop free will log every application opened
You can password protect the app so those snoopers can't delete the logs
You can filter out apps from logging like games to make your logs more meaningful.

AntiSnoop premium comes with all these features as well + a little extra.
In addition, with premium you can schedule AntiSnoop to run once at a certain time or on a recurring basis.
No ads on the premium version

All feedback is appreciated.

Please try it out and rate it.

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