Default Locats (pre-beta) - Completely automatic GPS tracking app


So, for a long time I've been using GPS tracking apps on my phone (e.g. CardioTrainer and RunKeeper) to keep track of all my physical activities, e.g. in my case walks and bike rides.

The problem with them is mainly that you have to manually start/stop trips all the time, though. Also, they are usually quite laggy and I have become quite annoyed with regard to these apps.

This spring i noticed that Google released their developer API called Google Play Services Activity Recognition, which would allow developers to make apps that detects the user's activity and does things in accordance with that. So, this summer I tried to make a project using that. The intention with the project was that it would be better than apps such as RunKeepet, but be completely automatic (i.e. no need to start/stop trips manually).

I have now used this app on my phone for a few months while barely modifying it, and it's been working somewhat good. I haven't noticed a crash, although I've noticed some issues with bike ride tracking, that I've tried to fix. But mostly it tracks walks and bike rides just fine. (And the few runs I've undertaken)

But this is a hobby project, and it obviously consumes battery both because of the GPS usage, and because of the always-on intermittent accelerometer usage. I hope you don't give it bad rating just because of battery drain: That is expected!

The link to play store: