Default Newbie.........another phone stuck in boot loop

Hi All -

I know this issue has been covered a million times but I am just completely overwhelmed with all the readings and videos I've watched over the last couple of days. I really tried to understand everything but with the lack of any trouble shooting experience with Android phones, I am completely lost.

-- like I said I have no knowledge in fixing these phones so all the research I've done so far has been really confusing. A lot of the technical
words I dont even understand.
-- I can navigate myself around my computer (windows 7)
-- My phone is HTC one X completely stock. It was working fine 2 days ago and all of sudden it rebooted itself and its been stuck on the
"HTC quietly brilliant" screen.........i will eventually shut down and back to the same screen again.
-- I tried the "Factory reset" option but it does not do anything when I press the power button.............. stays in the same screen
-- I tried "recovery" and "fastboot" options but it just goes back to the same loop.

Can someone please provide a link or a "guide for dummies" that is a "one stop shop" where I can get all the software I need to unbrick this phone? Maybe it already exist, I just did not recognize it.

My impression on the guides I've read are for experienced folks or at least for people who have done this once or twice in the past. Alot of this stuff is way over my head. I need a simple step by step procedure without the assumption that I know what I'm doing.''

I apologize for my ignorance but I just need your help. Thank you in advance.