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Hey guys, my Find 5 appears to be bricked. It was functioning normally until earlier tonight when I took it out to use it. Phone is completely unresponsive and capacitive buttons are not lit.

Thinking the battery is out (not likely) I plug it in, and a Yellow LED lights up on the device. I try all the button combinations to get it to boot but none are successful.

I get home and plug it in to my computer and I notice the device is recognized by Windows. It gives a MTP error 10 (This device cannot start. (Code 10) The process hosting the driver for this device has terminated.)

I'm stuck here, I can't seem to get the phone into fastboot to reboot it and after reinstalling the ADB drivers it goes from (doesn't recognize device) to (offline). Also the many device options in Windows regarding the drivers are grayed out.

Any help and/or direction would be greatly appreciated!

ROM: Omni 4.4 11/26 Nightly
Recovery: maxwen patched TWRP

The LED is now green, which tells me that the phone is fully charged and at least some part of the phone is functional.

I have decided to attempt to remove the battery. I am following this video to tear it down.

Phone rescued- popping the battery on and off forced the phone to reboot. Very curious as to what caused this- my phone seemed to have to gone into some super sleep of death. Will reach out to the devs to see if anything can be learned from this. Pictures of details to come.

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So here you see the phone with cover taken off. The back is quite easy to remove with a guitar pick or strong fingernails as it is held by clips. The rectangular black strip is the NFC. You'll have to remove it by taking off the middle left screw. The tape can be removed and thrown away (I think?)

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Here we see the tape and NFC removed. The screw I was referring to earlier is seen missing from the gold-colored socket to the left of the battery. The actual battery connector is the one with the silver wiring protruding. All I did was pop the connector off and back on again. I then replaced the NFC (make sure the gold contacts touch the NFC strip- you can see it right next to the battery connector) and then put the cover back on.

Held the power button for about 4 seconds and VIBRATE- VOILA

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Life again! Now the next step is to try to get this documented for our wonderful devs.
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