Exclamation [Q] Problems of emei and lock on my galaxy note 1 gt n7000

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a used galaxy note 1, there are two problems that I identify are:

1 - loss emei: its former owner has flasher without backup efs folder and suddenly every time the phone is turned off should have to go into the efs folder and creates the file emei creating a emei generic thanks to what the networks and the cost of such works ... the emei starts with 00499 ..... here is to what is the No. 1 problem

2 - The lock does not work I try every method available on the mobile starting to drag password nothing works when I press the on / off button the screen turns off (goes black) I wait 5 minutes and I re-press it opens normally it asks me no authentication ...

Here is the config rom etc ...

Version Android 4.0.4

Version de la bande de base

Version Kernel
se.infra@sep-86 #3
SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 6 21:49:19 KST 2012

Numéro de version

I hope I have been specific enough about the nature of my pbs bc and I hope you will help me solve all thank you before ...