Phone Voice Search stopped replying by voice

Two days ago, as done almost every day, I picked up my A100 and asked it what the weather was supposed to be for the next day. But it didn't answer me. It only showed the text version but didn't speak. I checked the settings to see if somehow they changed to text only rather than to speak the answers but that was fine. For the heck of it I toggled back and forth between those options but it didn't help.

I've checked other settings I could think of and made sure all apps and everything was still up to date but I still can't get the thing to answer me anymore. Not just the weather, but other questions such as what time is it in different timezones and calculator answers and it now also won't pop open the music player anymore - it only opens a webpage about the artist or song I ask for.

What the heck happened?!? What can I do to fix it? Thanks.