Service Announcement for application

An Android app which allows you to send an SMS containing a link (URL) with your exact location by a simple touch on a button.
This app will help you get help whenever you need it , like when you have an accident on a highway , a fire in your place , or maybe been kidnapped , so it will send your location to a person you set his/her number in settings , and hope that they will come to help you.
Even you can send the SMS quickly to policemen , firemen or ambulance.

The app will be free to download on Friday 6/12/2013 from Google play
this is the first version , so we hope that you join the official page for the app on Facebook

and give us your feedback or if you have any ideas for the next versions and we will be so glad to make them later

For a tutorial on how to use the app:

watch a video on Youtube

we will really appreciate that if you will share it with your friends
Thank you.