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[Q] problem with SIMcard x920d

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Default [Q] problem with SIMcard x920d

MY Friends. I have a HTC x920d (Deluxe_UB1 pvt en S-Off) with SuperCID 11111111 and HBoot 1.39.2000. Radio-3A.26.306.25.
My Smartphone have less than one week. I live in Chile,where we used GSM Networks. This week I have updated my HTC trough OTA to 4.2.2 but when restart,my smartphone doesn't recognize my SIMcard . I've tried with a lot of sim cards and anything works! I do'nt know what to do. And I have a question....when i put my HTC in fastboot and type "fastboot oem boot" ....this show me this information:

C:\Android\HTC\x920d_044_S-OFF>fastboot oem boot
(bootloader) pm8921_vreg_disable function, vreg_id = 14
(bootloader) Boot/Recovery signature checking...
(bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_HASH ret = 0
(bootloader) setup_tag addr=0x80600100 cmdline add=0x003287D8
(bootloader) TAG:Ramdisk OK
(bootloader) TAG:skuid 0x32E03
(bootloader) TAG:hero panel = 0x940064
(bootloader) TAG:engineerid = 0x0
(bootloader) TAG: PS ID = 0x0
(bootloader) TAG: Gyro ID = 0x1
(bootloader) Device CID is super CID
(bootloader) CID is super CID
(bootloader) Backup CID is empty
(bootloader) setting->cid::11111111
(bootloader) serial number: FA337PN00262
(bootloader) commandline from head: console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot
(bootloader) .hardware=dlxub1 user_debug=31
(bootloader) command line length =801
(bootloader) active commandline: poweron_status=1 reset_status=0 board_de
(bootloader) luxe_ub1.disable_uart3=0 diag.enabled=0 board_deluxe_ub1.deb
(bootloader) ug_uart=0 userdata_sel=0 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.p
(bootloader) agesize=2048 skuid=0 ddt=20 ats=0 androidboot.lb=1 td.sf=0
(bootloader) td.td=0 td.ofs=328 td.prd=1 td.dly=0 td.tmo=300 hlog.ofs=628
(bootloader) un.ofs=694 imc_online_log=0 androidboot.efuse_info=FNSL an
(bootloader) droidboot.baseband=3A.26.306.25 androidboot.cid=11111111 and
(bootloader) roidboot.devicerev=3 color_ID=RED00 androidboot.batt_poweron
(bootloader) =good_battery androi
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[0].name=misc
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[1].name=recovery
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[2].name=boot
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[3].name=system
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[4].name=local
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[5].name=cache
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[6].name=userdata
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[7].name=devlog
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[8].name=pdata
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[9].name=extra
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[A].name=radio
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[B].name=adsp
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[C].name=dsps
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[D].name=radio_config
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[E].name=modem_st1
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[F].name=modem_st2
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[10].name=cdma_record
(bootloader) aARM_Partion[11].name=reserve
(bootloader) partition number=18
(bootloader) Valid partition num=18
(bootloader) setting_get_bootmode() = 9
(bootloader) smem 8CF04000 (phy 8CF04000): TZ_HTC_SVC_UPDATE_SMEM ret = 0
(bootloader) [SECURITY] TZ_HTC_SVC_MEMCPY ret = 0
(bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_ENC ret = 0
(bootloader) [SECURITY] BOARD_MDM9K_SERIAL_MAGIC not found, reset mdm9k_s
(bootloader) erial to 0
(bootloader) [SECURITY] radio_gen_mdm_smem_signature_8064: completed
(bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_ENC ret = 0
(bootloader) [SECURITY] TZ_HTC_SVC_ACCESS_ITEM id 34 ret = 0
(bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_DISABLE ret = 205643776 (0xC41E000)
(bootloader) [SECURITY] TZ_HTC_SVC_ACCESS_ITEM id 40 ret = 0
(bootloader) Start Verify: 0
(bootloader) jump_to_kernel: machine_id(4372), tags_addr(0x80600100), ker
(bootloader) nel_addr(0x80608000)
(bootloader) -------------------hboot boot time:170613 msec
FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))
finished. total time: 2.977s

My question is...why this say "(bootloader) aARM_Partion[10].name=cdma_record" ?? is this the problem? how can I change that? anybody has the correct radio for me? Please helpme!! Regards
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can somebody helpme?
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