Default [Q] I9192 ownership issue

stock Android: 4.2.2 rooted
build: JD39.I9192XXUBMK4
kernel: 3.4.0-1961802
knox warraty: 0x1 (void)
SuperSU: 1.8

* I"ve disabled knox on my device

After I've rooted my phone I've got supersu and busybox installed as usual and granted root permissions to ES file explorer but I can not even edit files in my home directory (sdcard0) when trying to move, copy... files I get "EACCESS denied" error. Here are a few observations I've made:
* There is no such problem when using "root browser"
* when setting SELinux mode to permissive the problem is resolved (setenforce 0 via the terminal) but after each reboot the mode changes back to enforcing, so I've tried to enable init.d and setting to permissive on startup, but that did not work either.

I'm a noob so maybe I'm missing something simple. Thanks.