Default [Q] 64 GB sd card in Xperia SGP351 LTE


I apologize, but I do not speak English. I hope it can be understood.

I'm having a problem with my Xperia Tablet Z: copying and reading files on a 64 GB card is very complicated .

Following guidelines found on the Internet, I formatted the SD card of 64 GB in FAT32 with 32 KB cluster. However, it seems that my tablet is compatible with cards up to 32 GB only. The problems continue.

I noticed that an update on the Android similar to the model of my (also LTE) (update for version 4.2) tablets allow the use of 64 GB cards. However, SGP351 model does not even appear among the models available for support on Sony's website, curiously.

So I ask, how can I solve this problem via software? I can not use the card for 64 GB, and also can not update my Android. The PC Companion says that software is updated on my tablet (version 4.1!).

Many thanks to those who are willing to help.