Default [Q] Odin Flash Failure - Advice Please

I've tried to flash my GT-I9505 using Odin and it's failed (please see screen grab below).
I used "I9505XXUBMH1-PRE-ROOTED-ODEX-FULL" from post 5 of this thread

A few weeks ago, I tried "I9505XXUBMGA-PRE-ROOTED-ODEX-FULL" from the same thread and that failed and locked up my phone.
Which I had to pay to get the phone re-flashed properly.
(I've used the above successfully in the past).

Now, I'm in the same position again with a failed flash and probably paying to have it fixed again.
On the phone itself, the progress bar is only 2mm long. So if I switch it off, it will probably mess everything up.

What should I do now, while it's still connected to the PC and how can I successfully flash it in the future ?

Thank you.