Default Help - No Multi-Window and S-Pen Window - P600

Hello guys,

in first - sorry for my bad english

Ive got a Problem with my Note P-600 (WIFI Edition).

Last week ive rooted the Note with odin 3.09 and cf-Autoroot. (KNOX Warranty is now 0x1) and Ive installed Nova-Launcher and latest firmware.

I try to activate Multi-Window feature but no Sidebar is available. Same with the S-Pen Winow. I can draw the lines, but i dont get a new windows to choose an application.

I thought, if i deinstall the Nova-launcher, i will get back the feature. But nothing happend.

My next step was to make a full-wipe and flash the firmware new withoud odin.

Now ive got a "unrooted" system but the features Multi-Window and S-Pen Window ist also missing.

Does someone know how to fix it?