Unhappy Root Prestigio MultiPhone5000 DUO (PAP5000DUO)

Hello all!

I've got a Prestigio Multiphone 5000 Duo, but on the 4.1.1 JB i have realy many apps what i dont need, but i can't delete cuz they are Pre-installed?! apps. I wanna root my phone. i've tried Flash_tool, and the "root script" but they dont solved my probleme. I've installed all of drivers, but when i'm trying with Flash_tool all is good, but when i connecting my phone and starting the recovery menu the windows say : "Unknow Device" at USB-Ports.
On my Phone is android .4.1.1 JB .

Someone can tell me what can i do? Thanks for support.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.