Default [Q] Puzzled Why Android Revolution have problems but smooth InsertCoin.

I was running Android Revolution HD for JellyBean in my HTC Dev Ed. for a couple of months without any hitch.
When the KitKat Update for Android Revolution was released I updated my TWRP to the latest version and flashed to Android Revolution 40.2.
The installation went just fine but the phone is almost unusable as Play Store crashes every few seconds so I was unable to install apps. And there were other problems as including keyboard crashing during browsing etc.

The thing is from a cursory examination of the thread, I could not find anyone else having the same problem and I could not post my problem there because of the 10 posts threshold.

So I flashed to KitKat InsertCoin which is working very smoothly at the moment.
This has left me rather puzzled. Since we are running pretty much identical hardware and software.
What could have caused the ROM to go haywire like what happened to Android Revolution 40.2 in my phone.