Default Q? Why don't create a forum for Generic Tablets?

I bought a generic Chinese tablet (ematic egp 007 pro series) for my daughter and as I've done before, I thought that I could get play/market installed.
Was I wrong? At first I looked around a lot and read the part until at last I found a really, really easy way to do that.
Then for the custom recovery was about the same story. Always going thru tenths of web pages to end up here at xda. No wonder.
I ended up realizing that its easier looking for things compatible with generic tablets by looking for board mgf or name, in my case rk29xx board.

So here comes my query:

Why don't create a Generic Tablet Forum?

Could be organized by board mgf, then by code/name and variants, and so forth.

This is a suggestion only.

As I wrote above, Google sent me to xda at the end, but not without reading a lot, which is not a bad thing. Xda search wouldn't really take me in the right direction. And all posts I read were under general.

...and when the crap hit the fan I was the only one there...