Default [Q] EDIT: Solved: Installed Paranoid (3.99 RC2) on S3 i9300 - No signal bars

My co-worker handed me her friends S3 where he tried to install a custom rom but couldn't do so.

I am a complete noob at this stuff and since I was already able to access the CWM recovery menu, I figured it wouldn't be too hard from here. I wiped the cache, did a factory reset and wiped the dalvik cache etc. I downloaded gapps and the Paranoid rom (3.99 RC2), put them on my SD card and installed them successfully. Everything appears to be working, but the signal bars are empty but the phone detects that it is in service, and I can indeed use the phone, but for some reason it can't detect the signal strength.

Can anyone help me?

edit: BTW, it's the international version (I9300) and I'm located in Canada.

edit2: appears that I need to get the correct modem for my country? If so, where would I get it from?

edit3: solved... downloaded modem and it detects the signal strength.