Default [HELP] Questions about the warming of the Galaxy S4 4G

Hello guys , I am here today and I have some doubts about the Galaxy S4 .

I have my device for 5 months , and now I've noticed a few things on my device .

I'll try to get the maximum information that I have .

When XXUBMGA ROM was released , I bought my device , and the first hours of use , I did root , installed the ROM XXUBMGA pre rooted and restored the backup of my old device .

On the second day of use , I installed Kernel KTOONSEEZ SGS4 , and soon thereafter it began my problem started , warmed up the phone a lot, and the battery lasted very little in compaaração with kernel Samsung device that keeps the cold .

AdamKernel installed , I found that the most stable KtoonSeez

Shortly thereafter , I installed the mod - Comadose Crossbreeder , performance improved considerably , but not solved the problem of heating of the device .

I used the ROM XXUBMGA long, Knox knew of the problem , and was very reluctant to update my dispostivo , when he left the recently updated ROMs with Knox Free here at XDA .

But the problem worsened beyond absurd heating device , battery consumption has increased considerably .

The temperature of my Galaxy S4 , using for 10 minutes using the browser Next Browser is 54-63 ° C.

I wonder if this is normal in a Galaxy S4 4G ( read the signature . )

Using a Galaxy S4 4G 16GB + 64GB SD ( exFAT ) .

Thanks in advance .

Sorry for the english is not my native language .
Phone:Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 16GB
ROM: NB9 OMEGA(Knox 0x1(Samsung )
Mods: Walkman, Acid Sound MOD, Viper4Android, KitKat DominationNB8-NB9 .(tks davey) and 3Minit Framework
Kernel: Stock
Recovery: Last TWRP
SD Card: SanDisk Class 10 64GB(Fat 32 )