Default [Q] cannot reboot in recovery LG c800g

I have a LG c800g Eclypse phone with keyboard
I have adb and fastboot. I rooted with SuperOneClick.
I followed the steps in the folowing link

I am stuck at number 4. which is to reboot in recovery.

I can not reboot in recovery

II tried these steps:

Adb reboot bootloader reboots but stops at the LG logo.
Same with volume plus A plus F then Power on. I let go the power on after 3 seconds.
All I get is LG logo.
In Rom manager and recovery mode. I get the Lg logo.

The only way to come back to my phone is to use fastboot reboot.

With a terminal emulator, Command SU, command reboot recovery. The phone reboots but stays on the lg logo.

I tried fastboot reboot-bootloader and I get the same LG logo.
I downloaded and tried Quick boot app in recovery and and I get the same LG logo.
Is there a way to see if there is a recovery application on my phone.?
Can anyone help me to reboot in recovery?