Default [Tasker Q] Icon not showing up over keyguard after upgrade to 4.3

Fairly simple setup (newbie user of tasker ), which worked up until and inclusive of 4.1.x on S3, consisting in a sound alert and an icon to STOP the alert (acknowledge), upon receipt of a specific SMS (string inside the SMS), which icon was showing ON TOP of the screen lock (via the "show over keyguard" set to ON).

Since the upgrade to 4.3 the alert partially works as before (SMS comes in, music starts), with one (MAJOR) exception: the icon meant to allow me to stop the alert music now requires unlocking the phone, first, prior to being able to see/access it. Any ideas?

[Useless info, meant to only support my plea for assistance ] If you picture these alerts coming to me at the oddest hours of the night (critical alerts from work), you could imagine how pleasant it is to try and unlock a phone in total darkness, barely awake, to stop the annoyance of the sound waking up the entire house inhabitants, before being able to stop it.

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