Cloud Search [APP][2.3+][Free] Meta - Personal Cloud

My team has developed an App for personal cloud. You have your private cloud, allowing you to access documents (text, photos, pdf, doc files ).
I would like to know if someone is interested in using and testing it! That's new and we want to deliver a great service.
The service is free with a limit of 5 GB for month.

Download Link

- Keep and organize your life moments, most important documents and everyday files
- Upload your files and organize them using MetaData
- Download and share your files with other users.
- It is provided a simple, seamless way to sync valuable data from your device to the cloud.
- Search your documents using meta data. We offer a search procedure to make retrieval easy and meaningful.

I can't post the app link due to forum restrictions, but you can search on google play for "Meta - Personal Cloud App".

Some screenshots:

Thank you so much guys!!