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Windows 8+7 Dual Boot Incompatibility?

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Arrow Windows 8+7 Dual Boot Incompatibility?

Hi guys,

I've been doing the above ^^ for some time now. I've been using W8.1 as the main OS for my notebook. Yesterday I rebooted into Win7 to poke around. Every time that it said 'Starting Windows' it bluescreen (very rapidly) and restarted.

I tried the disc auto-repair, and this cut the bridge to W8.1 of course. When I tried Win7 it then said that there was another problem. The logon screen appeared, as if in safe mode, then produced numerous errors about being untable to log on or start logon services. I could not resolve this.

I eventually decided to try the manufacturer inbuilt restore of Win7 while leaving data alone. This seemed fine until it says 'preparing Windows for first use', then it said that the installation was interrupted (not by me or power use). I tried this several times but no use.

Shortened, I could not get back into Win8, I tried all the repairs, though it should only have been a bootloader issue, right? The Win8 bootloader will look back and see Win 7 and offer both. I formatted that partition, reinstalled Win8 on that partition, removed all data from the Win7 drive and then tried a complete reinstallation of the entire hard disk with the manufacturer restore disks. This worked.

I would like to poke around with W8.2 when it comes in the Spring. I need to understand what happened. My top two guesses are:

1. Minitool Partition manager, I suspected that program of being ... ruthless in hard drive partitioning and resizing in the past.
2. Perhaps some incompatibility coming from Win8?

Any ideas? I would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas.
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Were they installed on completely separate partitions (i.e. not sharing any files at all)? If they were sharing a file system, the NTFS permissions could have gotten messed up and blocked access from one install or some such silliness...

Why were you using a third-party partitioning tool? Windows has been able to shrink NTFS partitions - even mounted ones! - just fine (and quite safely) since Vista.

I'm afraid I haven't got any other ideas based on what you've said so far.
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Hmm well about 95% of data was on the C Win 7 drive and Win 8 linked into it, as if it were a data drive.

With the inbuilt partitioning tool, it never allowed me to say, shrink drive C and expand drive D. I can shrink C and leave a slice for another OS, but not expand it in the future ... perhaps it's a manufacturer lock? If it were a permission problem, it would be best to create a third partition as a data drive?

Thanks for the feedback.
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