Default Pound ROM bugs

There are some bugs in the new build, cm-11-20131201-LINARO-i9100, as well as some old ones that haven't been mentioned on the thread, and since I can not post on the development thread, here it is:

Bugs from previous versions:
  • owner info on quick bar can't be edited, the page just brifly opens and then returns to home screen
  • there is no option for answering calls with home button in accessability options
  • no option for storing photos on sd card

And the most important one, new in this build and really serious bug:
When sending an sms for some services that charges additionaly, like paying for parking, the phone process stops responding and signal is completely gone. I guess that has something to do with that security warning when sending this kind of messages that warns you about possible extra charge from the operator. I had to return to cm-11-20131124-UNOFFICIAL-i9100 build and everything works fine, as before.

Hope these will be fixed soon, otherwise the best ROM I've ever tried. Great work!