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The illustrious @dhacker has started posting Gummy 2.0 builds!

From Team Gummy:

Gummy ROM is made for speed, stability and to stay as closely in line with AOSP as possible while still supporting a large amount of devices and giving you all of the features you love. It isn’t slowed down by features you’ll never use nor is it so slim as to be just another AOSP build.*


* New base built from AOSP
* Status Bar Mods
* Hardware Key Mod
* Many Wallpapers
* Performance Control
* Application Permission Controls
* Carrier Label Options
* Lock clock widget
* QuickSettings
* Theme Manager

Instructions for installations:

1. Download ROM
2. Download Gapps
3. Push to sdcard
4. Reboot Recovery
5. Wipe Data and Cache
6. Install ROM
7. Install Gapps
8. Reboot System


- Thank you to Cyanogenmod for device and hardware repositories. Without this, porting * * Gummy to QCOM devices would have been nearly impossible.
- Thank you to Google for the best source code.
- for hosting our file servers!

Team Members: In alphabetical order

Primary Developers:
Cphelps76, Kejar31

Developers and Device Maintainers:
Bkjolly, BytecodeMe, DHacker29, Hashcode, NoCoast, Papi92, TDM, Xoomdev

Artwork direction and development
ChadFrankos, Cphelps76, Kejar31



Twitter- @gummyRom

ROM and Gapps located here:

New Build (12/10/2013) located here:

You can probably also use the PA gapps located here:

Big thanks to @dhacker and the entire Gummy team!!!