Default Allwinner A13 4.1.1 root.

Hi all:

I recently purchased the following tablet from Best Buy on Black Friday:

It's running an Allwinner A13 CPU, which I know can be rooted via a variety of methods. My issue is that all of the rooting solutions I have found use an exploit in 4.0.4 to install su and Superuser, but this tablet shipped with 4.1.1, so all of these methods grind to a halt. I have scoured the boards for anything and everything--I've tried the Sony Xperia tool, I've tried Uberizer, I've tried bin4ry's tool--literally nothing seems to work (although bin4ry's tool did seem to install busybox successfully.)

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out--this tablet is borderline unusable because D2 does terrible things to their devices, and if I can get root I can install CWM and begin stripping out all of the bloatware and junk.