Prompt [Q] MOBILE DATA NOT WORKING (Possible Reward for Working Solution)

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II (SCH-R760) with Ntelos and have a major problem. I can send/receive texts and calls but my mobile data network will not connect. I have checked all settings, troubleshooted with Samsung and Ntelos and nobody can help me. I don't care what ROM or Kernel there is out there but I will try anything if anyone can help. I rooted my phone once before but after reverting back to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 this problem has been occuring. I cant even modify the APN settings. I believe this is going to have to be one for the developers or anyone who knows what the answer is. If someone can provide a solution that works, a $50 money order may be a reward. Thats how desperate I am. You can contact me here or at ANY help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I used the Samsung Simple Upgrade Tool to revert back to original OS if that helps.