Camera [RANT] Front Camera on 3rd Party Apps Still Not Working - CM 10.2 Stable

This is getting ridiculous. So far, none of the AOSP ROM's have been able to support the front facing camera in 3rd party applications.

I understand that custom ROM's will always contain bugs but CyanogenMod is one of the ROM's many hold to a higher standard. Especially now that they've formed a legitimate company, you'd think the team at CM would fix a bug that's been listed in the JIRA for years now.

I'm really sick and tired of having to take the extra steps of going into the regular camera app, snapping a photo, then uploading it from there to my favorite social networks. It's a minor complaint but a large annoyance considering that the team at CM has now released a stable 4.3 variant of CM. This is something that should have been fixed a long time ago.