Default [Q] Problem: Androidx86 and ubuntu 13.4

ok heres my problem:
i just install androidx6 on my hp pavilion dv7 laptop and then installed ubuntu 13.4 also with windows 7.
i configured gub to allow boot of all os/s but heres my main issue

in windows 7 i have to start hp connection manager in order to have access to my wifi card so i have wifi ther... androidx86 4.1 jelly i relly dont have to do anything other then turn on wifi to access it but in my ubuntu 13.4 it wont allow me to use my wifi adapter says its hard blocked from rfkill and i used like 4 different wifi cards and still no luck.

so why in android which is also linux based i can use my wifi cards but not in ubuntu?

ps in the network menu it says hardware switch turned off even thou its turned on

i know this has nothing to do with phones but having tohe ported android kinda falls in your guys specailty