Default [Q] Sky Go Tablet & Cyanogenmod


Firstly ought to say thanks to verygreen et al. for the awesome cyanogen mod, have 10.1.3 up and running on a nook hd+ mand it's great.

I'm trying to get: h-t-t-p-s:// to work on the nook hd+ with cyanogenmod, they have some pretty extreme protection measures against rooted devices. I've read just about the whole 292 pages of the thread on Sky Go (The mobile version) to work out how I might go about getting it to work.

I've tried manually moving su, and OTA rootkeeper, and changing ro.tags to "release-keys" in build.prop, I'm just taking a backup now to try changing to 1 in default.prop in initrd.gz. (I couldn't figure out another way to get hold of the boot image, am I missing something obvious?).

Basically wanted to know if I'm fighting a losing battle here - or if there some way to actually unroot cyanogenmod that I'm not aware of. Don't really want to have to go back to stock to get this working, but the tablet is for the Mrs and I think she'd really like Sky Go.....

I know in the previous version people had some success running with a stock kernel - does anyone know if it's possible to replace the Cyanogenmod kernel with the stock nook one?