Prompt [To All Devs] Model e970 Testing/Toubleshooting

Hello devs,

I've learned a lot in this community. I've rooted before with my first android phone the Skyrocket, but this phone has made me far more aware of the android world with things such as what a kernel is, Gapps, mods, efs back ups, etc. Took me a while to realize im in a position in which I simply am not in a place in life to be a flashaholic becuase im very dependent of my phone being a college student, but it's such a tease not to be when your device has a group of new ROMs every 2 weeks with nightlies being made daily. Anywho long story short, I've upgraded to the Note family as my daily driver.

Besides selling the phone like I always do when i upgrade, I've decided I'll keep my Lg as I'm kind of attatched to it and I can greatly help this community by becomming a "flash dummy" if you will. This model is the At&t varient. I can help in cases involving:

1.Devs who don't have this phone, but builds ROMs for it
2.Devs who don't want to test builds themselves for various reasons
3.Test nightlies for quality before releasing to forums/published sites
4.Need file extractions of any kind (radios, stock drivers, efs etc)

Basically I'm free to flash my heart out with this phone now that i have it around as a backup. So devs if you need feedback with logs or a testing phone, I have one.

I'll Update OP with feedback for specific ROMs as I test them. Users may also feel free to use this thread as refrence for ROM features and issues that apply to certain ROMs so you'll know to expect before flashing.

Disclaimer: This is not a "Im leaving" post either. Complete opposite actually. I'll still be flashing and reporting issues.