Default PPP-Widget - Working with 4.4 Kitkat

Hopefully this will help others.

My N10 stock 4.4, I put PPP Widget on and it appeared to not work, initially it was "no driver found", on searching the forums it was basically "tough". To make it works involves:
  • The stock kernel from Google in 4.4 does not support PPP. Pick another kernel which does support PPP. Examples are Many do.
  • Disable Wifi before you connect, or have a Wifi static setting with an Internet-visible DNS server IP (e.g. This is because PPP Widget on stock 4.4 will use the DNS settings from your Wifi, not over-write them when using the dongle, which in most cases won't work as they are the Wifi router itself's own LAN IP which is not accessible when on the 3G/4G dongle. If you don't want to disable Wifi then go to your router and make it offer up an Internet-visible DNS IP address.
  • It will "connect" but not show any signs it is actually working, but it is.

I'm very pleased I got my Nexus 10 on both Kitkat 4.4 and get online with 4G dongle
Nexus 4 Stock 4.4.2+ Ziddey-franco r199 (OTG) , Nexus 7 stock 4.4.2+ Franco #76, Nexus 10 stock 4.4.2+ tan-ce kernel (ppp-widget)