Exclamation Using the URDLV method on my Note 10.1 2014 tripped Knox, so it seems

Since it appears that most people or everyone else who had tried rooting their Note 10.1 2014 tabs using the De La Vega method succeeded, I'll attempt to provide a step by step account of everything I did in case I did something incorrectly along the way. Mine is the LTE P605 model btw.

1) Originally came with P605XXUBMJ9/P605OLBBMJ2 from Southeast Asia. Downloaded the UK region P605XXUBMJ9/P605OXXBMJ2 (same AP, different CSC) firmware file and flashed the tablet. Rebooted, device status was still official, Knox warranty was still 0x0, language list changed as expected, everything good.

2) Booted into recovery and did a cache wipe and factory reset for good measure and rebooted. Device status official, Knox 0x0. Everything still good.

3) Followed the URDLV instructions to the letter and tried flashing the modded firmware which was based on the UK file described in #1. Root checker wasn't happy so tried it again to no avail. Checked device status, was still official, Knox still showing 0x0. Realized that the new outputted firmware file was 11k in size. Checked the dos window and buried in the output was indeed a comment indicating that the script exited with errors.

4) Tried the script again with cygwin this time (as suggested by someone in one of the threads here) and it cranked out a 2.3gb file. Reflashed successfully. Root checker was happy. Booted into download mode again out of curiosity. Device is no longer official and Knox is 0x1 now. Not sure what happened. Booted into recovery and did another cache wipe and factory reset for good measure before building the tablet.

Hey, at least I don't have to fret anymore and worry about voiding the warranty now.