Default [Q] How to unlock without data or usb debugging on?

Hey guys,

First off, I don't have any idea where to post this as the phone I'm working with isn't on the forums, so I thought it would be more appropriate here. Please move it into the correct place if there is one. Thank you.

So I'm a new comer of course and I was browsing the internet for solutions to my friends phone issue and I came across this forum. From what I can tell this is a really intellectual environment and therefore was inclined to make an account to see if anyone can help me out with my issue.

The problem(s):
Currently my friend's HTC Wildfire S (T-Mobile) is locked out.
He had tried too many times to unlock it via the pattern and now has to enter in his google email credentials to unlock his phone.
Right now the wifi or data is not on for the phone

Failed solution 1: I tried to call him and have him answer the phone. I then tried to pull the notification tab down in order to enable data or something but that didn't work. I had read on another website that it could work.

Failed solution 2: I downloaded ADB and tried to access the settings.db file in order to edit it via an add on on mozilla firefox. After going to the path where ADB was located i typed in "dir", where settings.db usually is it wasn't there. I then concluded that he probably didn't have USB debugging enabled as that is a strange setting to turn on for no reason.

And now here I am...

He doesn't want a factory reset because he wants his texts, I can only guess that he has important nudes he wishes to save, haha.

Anyway, I'm not too educated in computer or coding language, so if you have any ideas please provide me with some extra details for my noobie status.

As a result of this tinkering, I'm kind of interested in learning how to code and messing around with my Samsung Galaxy S2, so if you also have any pointers for that I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help in advance,

I look forward to engaging in the community and trying to contribute