Default [Q] Dazed and Confused

Ok, I started off at VZW with a Casio Commando First Gen. hated it with a passion. So, bought a Motorola Bionic from a dealer online. Recieved it finally. Was having an issue with it shutting off bout every 5 minutes while trying to set it up for the first time and everything I found said to just flash it and all would be good. Well, start doing all the research and getting all the files to include the RSDLite 5.7, the Moto files. I kept failing on the RSDLite 5.7 with error 6/22. Same thing with fast boot with the CBT error through a DOS prompt and got INFOPreflash Validation Failure. I have tried .893, .902, .905 and now having to MacGyver my charging cord to get it to charge right now because I have a flash failure on boot so it will not charge normally. I do not know what was originally on there and now I have no way to know. I am not sure what the hell to do now if anyone can help me fix my stupidity? Most of the RSD errors I am getting is 6/22 cbtbin error.