Default sph-L710 code 10

hello all this was originally going to be how do you fix post, I am happy to say I found the solution. so I decided to post anyway "pay it forward"
my os win 7 64bit enterprise I installed a new mother board on my s3 sph-L710 rooted the phone using cwm recovery lte sg3 v5. and acutally did a backup and restore using the cwm recovery the restore went great better than any third party software out there. I just had to reinstall blue tooth entries and one app. I notice the usb to pc stop working I checked device manager and noticed the sph L710 mtp driver kept failing with a code 10. there is a bunch of stuff on the net that I tried that did not work. I got a firmware message I updated the firmware that fixed the issue. it bumped out my root and low and behold I now have android ver 4.3 so I am searching around a safe way to root that and mod the hot spot. samsung keeps it interesting