Default XT912 - MIUI V5 - signal OK, no Data

I've got XT912 and I've problem with internet connection on European network.

If I use ROM from ([ROM] UnOfficial MIUIv5 Droid Razr xt912 CDMA 4.2.2) I've got signal, but i can't use Data. If I set APN nothing happens.

If I use ROM from from the same page but for XT910 ([ROM] OFFICIAL MIUIv5 Razr Multilanguage PT SPA ENG ITA FR) I've got the same problem - signal OK (both - GSM and 3G) but no Data.

However, if I create two slots for both ROMs and I install both of them to their slots and start system with ROM for XT912 santajin I've got signal and Data too. (I've got multilang and I have to install Gapps to XT910 ROM - it is strange too).

So, I thing this is unnecessery. Do you know how to fix it? Two ROM slots cover a lot of RAM and free space on SD.