Default [Q] My MS2 Semi brick....WIPE not working

My MS2 (using CM10.1,4.1.2) kept on showing error windows yesterday when I am opening apps, such as whatsapps, and it auto closed. It continue hangs and finally my whatsapp contact all gone, email apps and others cannot operate. Then i decided to wipe it and going to recover it afterward. However after wipe data and cache, it showed the same as the one before i wipe; I even reflash the same rom, it happened again.

I tried to use RSD lite to flash back stock rom,2.2.2 which works before, but now it failed to flash as screenshot below, even i use the 2.3.4 or other country rom.

Sometimes the screen show DAE1 after rsd flash, but not always.

Can anyone help me?
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